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Breeder's Guide

The Breeder's Guide is presented as a nearly complete, operator's manual, reference source
and informational guide to the American Murray Grey Association. The first section, "Introduction to the AMGA" is
a compilation of information about the Association and Murray Grey cattle.

The second section, "Breeder's Guide Appendix" provides information about genetic evaluation, EPDs, and other
performance and evaluative information.

The third section, "Forms" contains all of the forms that a breeder might need to conduct business with the Association.
We have included instructions for filling out the forms where applicable. All of the forms are in pdf format and can be printed
out for your use as needed.

We hope the Breeder's Guide online will prove to be a valuable resource.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the American Murray Grey Association

Mission Statement

History of the Breed

Breed Characteristics

Membership Types

Types of Registrations

Herd Name Prefix & Unique Tattoo

Recommendations for Tattooing

Information to Register

Naming Murray Grey Cattle

Breeder's Guide Appendix Information

Group BreedPlan Genetic Evaluation

Breeding & Performance

How to Use EPDs

Understanding Accuracy

The Analysis of EPDs

Gestation Table

NCA Goals

Hip Height Frame Score Charts

Breed Association Codes

Terms & Definitions

American Murray Grey Association Forms & Instructions

Fee Schedule Worksheet

Membership Application

Partnership/Corporation Membership Application

Application for Herd Name Prefix and Unique Tattoo

Dam Inventory & Breeding Worksheet

Dam Inventory Instructions

Registration Application and Birth Worksheet

Instructions for Reg App & Birth Worksheet

Weaning Worksheet

Weaning Worksheet Instructions

Yearling Worksheet

Yearling Worksheet Instructions

Application for Registration of Eligible but Unregistered Murray Grey

Application for Registration of Imported Animal

Application for Registration of Lease

Application for Replacement Certificate

Certificate of Embryo Recovery & Transfer

Application for Certified American Murray Grey Beef



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