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The Murray Grey Herdbook

Texas Murray Greys

Murray Grey cows on pasture. Source: American Murray Grey Association Archives

The American Murray Grey Association is the official registry for Murray Grey cattle in the United States.
The AMGA herdbook archives the pedigree information to protect the integrity of the breed and to
preserve the history of Murray Grey cattle in America.

Performance Registry

The American Murray Grey Association offers performance recording and genetic evaluation for members who wish to use this information to manage their herds and market their cattle. Members submit data on all calves born into their herds in any calendar year. For more information, please reference the Genetic Evaluation page on this website.

Pedigree Only

To meet the needs of all Murray Grey owners, the AMGA also offers a "pedigree only" option for members who do not need EPDs in their management or marketing programs. In this system members register only those calves they want registered and do not submit performance data. Animals registered under both programs have the same status as registered Murray Greys.

Percentage Recording

The AMGA still has an "open herdbook". That is, members can record cattle that only have one Murray Grey parent. These "percentage" cattle can be up bred to "purebred" status - greater than 7/8 Murray Grey blood for females and greater than 15/16 Murray Grey blood for bulls.

Cattle bred up from registered Angus base will be accepted in the "International Evaluation Purebred" category, making them eligible for export to Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Cattle originating from other than registered Angus base are considered "North American Purebreds" and can be exported into the Canadian registry.

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