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Group BreedPlan Genetic Evaluation

The International Performance Database

The American Murray Grey Association has entered into a working arrangement with the Australian Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society, the New Zealand Murray Grey Association, the Canadian Murray Grey Association and the Murray Grey Association of the United Kingdom to create the only cattle breed worldwide pedigree and performance database. Murray Greys are the only breed of cattle whose performance evaluations are calculated against a world wide population.

Group BreedPlan

In conjunction with the other Murray Grey associations, AMGA offers its members genetic performance evaluation based upon the Whole Herd Reporting concept. In Group BreedPlan, members submit performance data on all calves born in the reporting year whether or not they register those calves. Members using this option report performance data and receive corresponding Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) on their cattle. EPDs are a fundamental management and marketing tool in many segments of the industry.

Participating members receive EPD reports on their cows, calves and sires used twice each calendar year. They also receive an updated Sire Summary twice each year. Members are encouraged to use the Group BreedPlan logo to promote their participation in the program.

Contact AMGA for more information on the Group BreedPlan Genetic Evaluation program.

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