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The Murray Grey Genetic Advantage - The World's Best Eating Experience!

Murray Grey Steaks

Source: American Murray Grey Archives

In the recent past, the American consumer has begun to demand a higher quality beef for their table. Unable to find the quality beef that they want in most commercial markets, consumers are turning to alternative market sources in ever increasing numbers. These consumers are patronizing high end abattoirs and buying finished beef directly from farmers
and ranchers. The premium prices that these alternative marketers are able to capture prove that the demand for high quality beef far outruns the current supply. Murray Greys
offer alternative marketers and quality conscious consumers one the best, most consistent products in terms of taste, tenderness and overall eating quality.

The foundation of all planned breeding programs is the simple concept that “like begets like”. In order to consistently produce tender, well-marbled beef, producers need cows and bulls that have the right combination of genes to produce that product. Until recently, producers had to wait until they butchered steers before they knew whether or not their
breeding stock had the right combination of the right genes. Modern genetic testing can tell beef producers exactly which genes cattle have and in what combination. Seed stock producers and cattlemen selling retail freezer beef now have the ability to select bulls and cows of known genetic makeup, helping to ensure the consistent quality of the end product.

For years, we have promoted Murray Grey cattle on our belief that they possess greater carcass quality than other breeds of cattle. Unfortunately, we really did not have
any scientific, or concrete proof that our cattle could provide a better eating experience. But now we do.

The chart below, provided by Igentiy, shows the average genetic values of Murray Greys set against the average of all US cattle tested through Igenity. Not surprising to
Murray Grey advocates, these cattle do show more of the alleles for Marbling, Percent Choice, and Tenderness than other preeds. What may be a little surprising, is that
Murray Greys are also genetically superiour to other breeds on Average Daily Gain, suggesting that Murray Greys may be more feed efficient than many other cattle.


Whether you are already producing retail freezer beef, or looking to this alternative market as a means of improving your farm profit, or if you are interested in joining the
movement to improve the quality of American beef overall – American Murray Grey breeders invite you to take a look at Murray Grey cattle and discover why these breeders confidently claim that Murray Grey cattle produce “the world's best beef eating experience!”

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