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Breed Characteristics

These brood cows show the color range of Murray Greys
Courtesy Bonnie Sicard, JB Ranch Madras, OR

All Murray Grey cattle are to be of "moderate" size, with enough length and thicknessto be well-balanced and proportionate. We expect strong heart girth and adequate spring of ribs. Murray Greys should have a strong, straight top line, with minimal slope from hooks to pins. Murray Greys should express muscle development in the economically important rear quarters and loin. We do not judge our cattle simply by hip height, they must be three dimensional.

Murray Greys are to have sound feet and legs. Cow hocks and sickle hocks arenot desirable. Our cattle should have short, strong pasterns and sound hooves. Murray Greys must have a free and open stride, indicative of the ability to walk and cover ground while foraging for food and when breeding.

Murray Greys are refined of bone and we do not discriminate against fine boned cattle. Smaller bone lets Murray Grey cattle deliver much higher dressing percentage and cutout than other breeds.

Murray Grey cattle can range from "light silver" through various shades of "dun" to black. The dun color may range from light tan to dark, chocolate brown. Purebred cattle with distinguishing patches of white above the belly are not eligible for registration and should be disqualified from showing.

Occasionally, Murray Greys will have small, circular patches of off-color hair onthe body. We do not discriminate against these "birth marks" Sometimes, we see a dappled pattern under the coat of some Murray Greys, this is normal and is notcause for discrimination.

There is no discrimination for or against any color, except as noted above.

Murray Greys must have dark skin color and pigment as seen around the eyes, on the muzzle and on the hooves. Females are to have gray teat ends. Calves with pink skin or hooves cannot be registered and cattle with very light pigment should be discriminated against.

All Murray Greys must be polled. Calves born with scurs are not eligible for registrationand cattle showing signs of scurs or surgical removal of scurs should be disqualified from showing.

Bulls are expected to be masculine, with a quiet calm eye. We expect bulls to have significant scrotal development.

Females are to be feminine, but with strength and capacity. Both sexes should have a strong, broad face and muzzle, indicative of the ability to consume large amounts of forage.

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