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Searching for Unique Tattoos & Herd Names

New breeders need to reserve a Unique Tattoo & Herd Name to use when they register calves born to the cows that they own. Both the Tattoo and
the Herd Name are to be unique and reserved for use by 1 member only. For more information on Unique Tattoo and Herd Name
please read this portion of the Breeder's Guide

Following are instructions on how to search the AMGA computer system to see if the Unique Tattoo letters and Herd Name
that you want to use have been reserved. All Unique Tattoo and Herd Prefixes currently reserved are listed in this database.


Step 1: Go to the AMGA home page www.murraygreybeefcattle.com
From the top menu, mouse over Breeders and click on Search Breeders

This takes you to the member search page of the AMGA computer system.

Step 2: When the search page opens, enter the Unique Tattoo (Herd Letters) that you want to search
Click on the Search button. In our computer system, the Unique Tattoo is called "Herd Letters" and
Herd Name Prefix is called "Herd Name".

The results of your search will come up. If you get the message shown below, it means that
no one has reserved the tattoo letters that you want.

Step 3: Go back to the search form and enter the words or letters that you want to use for your Herd Name.
In the example shown, I have used the letters JEG for the Herd Name.

Click on Search to see the results of your query.

If the Unique Tattoo and Prefix that you want to use are returned in the search,
you will need to try a different name or set of up to 4 letters for your Unique Tattoo.

Please let us know if you need more help.



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