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Internet Services for AMGA Members

The American Murray Grey Association is able to provide AMGA members with some internet tools and services as benefits to AMGA membership. The AMGA can provide the following services to AMGA members at reduced costs.

Web Site Development -

AMGA will develop web pages for members for a reduced rate, flat fee of $65 per page (no animations, Flash files or music). For members who want a web presence at the least cost, AMGA will host members web pages for free on the AMGA web site server. Members' pages would be "www.murraygreybeefcattle.com/farm name".

Web Site Registry and Hosting -

For AMGA members who want to have their own "dot com", AMGA will arrange domain name registration and server space for $125.00 per year. We will then design your site for the same $65.00 per page. With this program you would have "your farm name.com" - independent of, but linked from the AMGA web site.

Links to existing farm and ranch sites -

Every AMGA member who currently has a farm or ranch web site will have a link from this web site to their existing sites. Links to existing sites will be provided at no charge. Please contact AMGA to make sure your site is linked. We also want every AMGA member who uses email to have an email link from the AMGA site. Let us know what your email address is so we can make the link.

Murray Grey email accounts -

AMGA has 250 email accounts available to members. Promote your farm and herd with every email you send and receive! You could have "farmname@murraygreybeefcattle.com" as your email address and we will arrange for the emails to be forwarded to your current email client. Your murraygreybeefcattle.com email address can be arranged for a one time $15 fee.

Contact the AMGA office to find out more!

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