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In order to better meet the needs of Association members and other farmers and ranchers interested in
Murray Grey cattle, we have added this page to the web site. We reserve the right to reject any submitted ad
for any reason. Any ad that is in direct conflict or competition with the American Murray Grey Association
will be rejected.

Four Weeks $10
Eight Weeks $20

Add $5 per photo if you want pictures with your ad.

We will expect payment in a timely fashion. All ads must be paid in full before you can run another ad.
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Bred Heifers, Weaned Heifer and Bull Calves

We currently have 20 heifers for sale, of which 14 have been with the bull since 07/22/2016.
6 fall weanlings available.
  Light silver, dun and black.
Birthdates range from 08/02/2015-03/15/2017.
Asking $1,000 - $1,500 for weanling heifers.
$1,800 - $2,400 for bred heifers.

A few good weaned bulls available too.

Mariah Point Murray Greys


RR 1 BOX 121




7 Lazy 11 Garland's Legend
(pictured in breeding condition)

3 yr old bull 
He is a superior black bull we purchased from Mike Lowery in Nevada as a bull calf.
He is our current Senior Herd sire. 
He is double bred to the Freightliner bull that Eagle's Run owned.
He has a gentle disposition, and we have bred him to heifers with no calving problems.
Legend's calves come easy with moderate birth weights and have good dispositions
They are thick, meaty, structurally correct, and grow fast for heavy weaning weights.
His bulls exhibit early masculinity and his females should make great mothers with excellent milking ability and great udders.
We have collected 200 units of semen from Legend to use in our own herd and to offer to the public.

Price for Legend $3500.

Price for Legend Semen $25/unit + S/H

We are also offering:
2- Cow calf pairs with bull calves sired by Legend
2- Cows bred to Legend for fall calves.

1- 2yr old Bull, Homestead Churchill. 
Sire:  Eagle's Run Highroller
Dam: ATI Perty Girl
Color:  Silver   
He is thick, deep, moderate frame and should sire tremendous disposition calves.

We will also be offering a yearling bull for sale.

Here are a few of this year's calves. We are pleased with them!

Visitors Welcome!

Call 812-427-3411 or 812-599-3930 or e-mail rwgarland1@gmail.com for more information and prices.


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